Why I joined scentsy

Why did I Join Scentsy?-- because I got tired of waiting for jobs to come to me.  I have been applying for positions for sooooo long here in London and nothing seems to be biting besides the odd internship opportunity.  I have no idea why I've been so unlucky on the job front (despite trying everything)  I did take an internship back in 2009 but since then I havent been able to secure paid work and have been dependent on my partner financially.  As a creative individual, the term 'starving artist' comes to mind.  Well, I'm not exactly starving but I do want to take control again of my life.  I don't want to depend on anyone either if I don't have to. 

I needed something that I could do around all these other creative projects of mine and the never endless job applications that I fill in.  I know there was no guarantee especially with direct sales but I wanted to at least try.  I had heard of Scentsy through a couple of old school friends in the US and I knew that many had made quite a decent income for themselves.  I had seen the products in peoples homes in the US and knew what impression the scents made on me the minute I had walked in the door. When I heard that Scentsy was coming to the UK this spring....well after much thought and prayer....I decided to go for it. 

Nothing is ever certain in life.  I could fail or I could succeed with this and it could make some of my wildest dreams and passions in my life possible...I just don't know.   I'm going to do my best and hold on for what I think is going to be a wild ride.