Why Join Scentsy?

Reasons why you should Join Scentsy:

1- Scentsy is brand new to the UK, Ireland and Germany which means there's HUGE potential for growth.  This is a ground floor opportunity.  Imagine if you were one of the first Avon or Tupperware consultants in your entire country. Scentsy is already HUGELY successful in North America receiving numerous awards and jumping from number 64 in the DSA global list to 33 in just one year!  Imagine the possibilities.

2- My sponsor is a Super Star Director and one of the first people to join Scentsy in the USA.  Super Star Directors are the ELITE and most successful consultants with Scentsy.  I will be passing on any and all information and tips from her to you as your sponsor.  You will have 100% support from me all the way.

3-Scentsy is flexible.  YOU decide the hours and the time commitment.  You can even keep your current job and do this around your regular working hours.

Scentsy does have a philosophy of the more you give the more you will receive back.  Put in 100% and 110% will come back to you.

4-You own the business.  You will not be an employee of Scentsy.  No more reporting to anyone.  Scentsy facilitates and supports your success by providing the product, guidelines and tools you need.

5- Small investment required.  Starting your own business for only £94 (includes shipping) in today's world is pretty unheard of.  A small investment means less risk.  There's always risk in life that you won't succeed but you won't know unless you try!

6- Scentsy is very generous with their commission (starting at 20%--going up with sales and recruits gained) and rewards for a job well done.  You can earn trips, free product, bonuses and awards. 

7- Scentsy product quality is amazing.  With such beautifully designed warmers and the lush fragrances of Scentsy bars, you can feel good about selling Scentsy. 

8- Scentsy as a company holds high moral values and strong authenticity and integrity.  The owners Heidi and Orville Thompson are very hands on in creating an atmosphere (the scentsy spirit) that is supportive, fun and honest.  Scentsy frequently gives back to their community.  This video is of the owners giving 600k$ to the fight against breast cancer.  I personally am proud to be a part of organisation that constantly looks for ways to give back to their community and to their consultants.

9- No training is required.  You are all you need to be successful and Scentsy provides abundant training opportunities consistently.  You'll receive newsletters about training calls and through your workstation (part of your website that comes with your starter pack) they are constantly updating the training resources.  Plus, you will have me to turn to and I will be there to support you along the way. 



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