Why join Scentsy and become a consultant in Australia?

So here's the deal, Scentsy is EXPLODING in Australia.....Just EXPLODING.  Their first month they did like over 300k in sales and that's with less than 300 consultants.  They've already had two people promote to Director in 2 months.  Consultants who HAVE joined in Australia are doing incredibly well and all of their commissions are going to help them and their FAMILIES.  Yes their families.

Its a big deal to join Scentsy at the beginning in a region and so this is a huge opportunity for all of you down under.  Direct Sales is a big deal as you know in Australia and I think you guys 'get it' more than they do here in Europe and especially the party culture.

So why join?  Freedom.  Freedom to stay home with the kids, Freedom to make choices that you otherwise wouldnt have.

Why Join Me instead of a consultant in Australia?  Experience.  Experience matters in this business and I've been through a heck of a lot on my Scentsy Journey and can help you with situations that a newbie consultant just cant--they just cant and would end up asking one of the more senior consultants for advice anyway. But you live on the other side of the world???  Most of the few Australian consultants who have joined are under someone from the UK or US.  With the internet and cheap phone rates, its just not that big of a deal to try to keep in touch.  In fact, you'd probably end up getting MORE support than my team here in the UK as I know what its like starting in a new country and how much extra help you'd need.  There's also a private Facebook group that's being mentored by THEE Mary Christensen, direct sales Goddess....yes her.  So when you'd join me you'd not only get the help and support of an experienced consultant but indirectly you'd be getting local support as well plus the support of a USA upline (above me) too.

I TRULY care about helping you succeed.  TOOOOOOO often you hear about sponsors who completely IGNORE their recruits.  This just wont happen with me, I care tooo much!  In fact you'd probably end up getting annoyed with me as I'll be in touch a couple times a week!

I never expected to become a Scentsy Consultant, NEVER in a million years.  I have a creative background and used to teach band, choir and orchestra and conduct ensembles.  Doing this was the furthest thing from my mind.  But you know what, Scentsy has helped me be who I want to be and it helps make the creative me possible.  I can afford to go to theatre trips and concerts not to mention buying groceries and the little things that are starting to make a difference in my life.

I have a lot of tenancity and have stuck with it.  When I joined I knew NO ONE and had no one to host parties for me but I taught myself everything online and then booked little events to show Scentsy and 2.5 yrs later I'm still here.  Not just that but I've earned last years all expenses paid Mediterranean Cruise and I'm super duper close to earning the 2014 trip to Greece where I get to see Athens and Mykonos.

Yes you may fail with Scentsy but you may succeed with it too?  See the thing is is that there's MORE benefits to joining than not joining and it all comes down to a fear of failure and that word NO as it aint nice to hear.  People are going to say no on your Scentsy journey and you may fail at things but you stick with it and those who stick with it end up being the ones who affect so many peoples lives for the better and are financially rewarded with independence as well.  Did you know that out of the first 100 Scentsy Consultants only 25 carried on?  Did you know that most of these 25 people are now millionaires?  THEY STUCK WITH IT through the no's, through everything, through the $350 USD that it initally cost to join Scentsy (YES $350 USD) and they are still here 10 yrs later.  So....I want you to take this into consideration and SERIOUSLY have a think about joining my family.

How does on Join Scentsy, If you go to my Scentsy Australia Section on my website you can have a look at the current catalogue and read about getting what's called an ABN number, then you can just click and follow the directions.  You should be done in less than a 1/2 hr.

My team is my extended family and I look forward to getting to know you better.