55 Instagram Post Ideas for your Scentsy Business

List of Instagram Ideas for your Scentsy Biz Page:

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Some of these ideas are from the 31 days of Awesome Instagram Challenge Scentsy did last year but the rest are my own ideas or things that have worked well for me in past. If you have other ideas let me know! 

Scentsy products:

1-    Diffuser Love

2-    Essential Oils with a inspirational quote card

3-    Scentsy on the Go (i.e. You using your Scentsy Go on holiday!)

4-    My favourite fragrance

5-    My favourite wax recipe/scent mixers

6-    What I’m warming today

7-    Warmer as home décor

8-    Party Scene

9-    Scentsy Buddy spotting

10-Housework with Scentsy

11-My favourite Scentsy product


13- Educate about Scentsy products/How to use, etc.

14-Limited Edition (buddies, scent of the season)

15-Stop Motion video/Make Art with your Scentsy /Creative photo based on a scent

16-Scentsy in the wild:  Scentsy being used naturally at home

17-Bundles (i.e. Scentsy for unicorn lovers)

18-Scent Memories

19-Changing wax in your warmer day

20-Use Scentsy to pamper myself day or to make myself feel better


Business owner:

21-    Delivery Day

22-    Flexibility of the job

23-    My favourite work location

24-    My Scentsy helper

25-    Worktime snacks

26-    My favourite thing about being a Scentsy consultant

27-    My Scentsy Why

28-    My Scentsy Family/Team/Scentsy Events

29-    My Scentsy Swag

30-My biggest supporter

31-Why I love Scentsy!

32- Milestones/Awards

33- Customer Love/Appreciation (i.e. wrapped orders)

34- Sales/Scentsy sponsored discounted events

35- Scentsy Office

36- Business Books you’re reading

37- What do you drink whilst you work? 

38- How do you manage your time as a business owner?

39- Share testimonials/positive feedback from customers/customer photos

40-Have someone take a photo of you working

41-Prepping scentsy biz supplies (like catalogues, etc)

42-Business Tips you’ve learned along the way


Fun/Dreams/Relationship Building:

43-    Friday Fun

44-    Weekending/Time with friends

45-    Selfies to say hello

46-    Photos of you living the life of your dreams

47-    Share something from your life that’s inspirational

48-    Throwback to a past moment in your Scentsy journey

49-    Past/Future Plans for Travel

50-    Pic of your town (i.e. London)

51-    Ask a Question

52-Flowers or beautiful scenery shots (Instagram Loves flowers, maybe add something inspirational with it in the caption)

53-Take a photo of your current situation #currently

54-Funny Memes (clean of course)

55-Inspirational Quotes


Bonus Ideas:

-       Post a photo of your dog

-       Scentsy recycling---have you used an old warmer for a flower pot or pen holder?


Generic Recommendation for Instagram:

-Take your own (style products yourself—get a white foam board from an art shop)

-Curating/Reposting other peoples stuff with Repost App (must give credit to where you found it, avoid using other consultants stuff but if you do ASK PERMISSION FROM THEM)

-Avoid having your page look like a Scentsy catalogue

-Work on photo quality.  There are MANY apps to help with this both free and paid

-Tag any products in your photo (can be done on Instagram and Facebook)

-Be colourful!  Instagram Loves Colour

-Connect your Facebook with your Instagram (post on Instagram and it posts automatic to your Facebook biz page, you can then connect your FB to automatically post to Twitter---1 post in Instagram will then automatically turn into 3)




5 things I wish I knew when I started my Direct Sales business

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I've made huge mistakes in my Direct Sales business over the last 7 years.   These mistakes I don't regret as they've contributed to huge personal growth and strength that I can pass on to others and my team.  Sharing these mistakes might help you avoid these mistakes in the future and help make your path easier.  Making mistakes is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about when you begin your journey.  Go for the mistakes as it means you'll be on the road to success quicker than if you never tried.  

1) This will be hard:  You may see others moving at insane speeds in this business or earning trips and titles and you'll start comparing your progress to others.  You'll hear the word no a lot.  You may have to deal with mean girl behaviour with other consultants.  Your family likely may not support you.  You wont have funds to progress your business.  You might not like a policy or procedure that your business uses.  You may not have a sponsor that supports you and you have to go at this business alone.  This business has a high turnover rate because people think that its easy money and that their friends and family will sustain them which is far from the truth.   This may be one of the hardest things you've ever done and you will have to decide consistently whether you continue.  Its crucial to work on Personal development daily with this business as it will build your resilience and help you weather the storms which will be many.  Decide that quitting isn't an option from the beginning.  Understand that this will be uncomfortable and push you in ways you may not like but embrace it.  Mindset is everything.  Have a positive attitude, look for the good as whatever you focus on increases.  If you are struggling to see the good in your business, give it space and then fill your days with podcasts, good books, Oprah, exercise, gratitude journals, etc.   Success with this is so much about overcoming your head and your icky thoughts that you'll have along the way.  

2) Dont go into debt:  I was not in a great financial position when I became a consultant (which is why I joined) and why many people join.  Yes you'll have expenses with this business but you need to be mindful of these expenses.  I spent more than I should have because I was so desperate for my business to work and often felt obliged and pressured to attend conventions and buy branded items from the family store.  Yes do these things but only when you can do it and it not affect your household negatively.  Dont do large shows alone---find other consultants to share the burden with you.  I still have product 7 years later that I havent been able to get rid of (almost there though) from shows I did and lost thousands on.   I had earned incentive trips and was struggling to even afford to pay for the things that werent covered (like getting to the airport) and didnt have clothes to wear so I'd put things on credit cards so I could feel like I could participate.    After eventually getting a credit card debt of over 20K (not all of this was due to my business ) I had to make the executive decision to never go into debt again for my business.  I have had to miss out on a lot of events and opportunities to connect because of this.  In less than 3 years we've paid off all but 1.5k in debt which has been an overwhelming task but I dont want you to have the stress I've had.  Do not buy product to keep yourself active in your business.  If you need something only buy things that you will consume and use anyway (like bars) but this has been a problem I've seen within my own team and other consultants too.  You should be selling to others not filling a garage up with product.  This business should be progressing you and your family financially positively not negatively.  

3)  Be Consistent and Patient:  This business will not happen overnight.  You do not need to do Scentsy full time but whatever you decide your goal is with Scentsy for income per month the effort needs to be consistent every single day.  Whatever efforts you put forward need to remain consistent.  Dont get discouraged if you aren't making six figures in 18 months.  Treat this like a proper business and give it the same daily respect you would if you had bought a McDonalds franchise or started a multi-million pound business.  Posting for one hour once a week on your private Facebook page will likely not yield much for you.  Whatever you put into this will come back to you.  Dont assume that because you dont immediately hear or get any response back that you are failing at this.   Sometimes you are just planting seeds in your business and they take time to grow.  Consistency and Patience with this business haven't been easy especially as you are surrounded by news of people who might be moving faster than you.  

4)  Find your own way to work your biz:  You dont have to be put into the box of parties if your biz pushes party plan.  I'd give them a go at least because you never know whether or not you'll be good at it if you dont try...but dont feel like you have to do something or be something you arent.  There will be a lot of information thrown at you, training, catalogues, stories when you join your business and it will be up to you to take what you are given and find your own voice with this.  You might find a different way to sell or bring the products to the public that other consultants havent thought of before.   Dont be afraid to be different and trust that with consistency and resilience and positivity that you can indeed succeed in your own way. 

5)  Have Fun + Remember this isnt about you:  I've been so obsessed with trying to move up the ranks or make money in past that I've forgotten what this is about.  Serving others.  The more you serve and focus on making customers lives better and help your team the more that the money will take care of itself.  Money is a natural byproduct of serving.  Want to succeed?  Out serve, out give your fellow consultants.  Stop consistently trying to push sales and focus on making someone else's day better.  Find ways to share your story as we all have different stories to inspire others.  Whether it was a difficult pregnancy, chronic pain, addictions---dont be afraid to share these as you are building your businesses.  You will inspire others and may even help them to not feel so alone.  Finally Relax and let go!! This is supposed to be fun!  Find ways to enjoy yourself and laugh about things and to not take yourself so seriously.  It will help make the journey so much easier that's for certain.  



7 Tips for Choosing a Direct Sales Company

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This is a follow up to the article I wrote 'How to Choose a Work from Home Job'.

Direct Sales is no longer door to door and something your grandma would do with her Tupperware and Avon parties---direct sales is a great opportunity for you to do to earn a side income or even replacing your full time job.  You can also earn free holidays and other perks just for getting involved with the right company!

Here are 10 tips for choosing the right Direct Sales Company:

1-Products and Passion:  You have to treat your new business like a proper job so if you do not like what you are doing or the products you will hate every minute and lose the motivation to continue.  The Products---are the consumable?  Consumable means that people will need to come back to you regularly for refills.  Things like pots and pans or lingerie?  Although they may buy initially once one buys these items how often would they be needing refills?  You want people to be coming back to you, because it will help your sales and your ability to improve your own life and easier to build long term relationships with customers!

2-Research:  I mentioned in my previous about the Direct Sales Association Global list of 100.  Check companies in the top 30 as they are generally doing the best globally and less likely to fold financially.  Once you find a company check this list for the previous 5-10 years to see how its moved up and down.  Research potential sponsors.  One of the most common mistakes new consultants make is either joining someone in the very top or joining their friends.  This can lead to disappointment for sure as you are the one in charge of your biz not your sponsor!  Often times high title consultants may not have personal one on one time to give you because the size of their teams.  I'd pick someone you find inspiring because it will help with motivation when you are struggling.  If you think you know how you want to market the products find someone who seems to be doing well in this arena like events, online, fundraising, etc.  But again in so many ways sponsors dont matter as you are in charge of your success not them!   Google the company before you join also---type in Your company + Reviews to see what people are saying about the product.  Click on the News tab in Google to see the press releases.  Online history you will be able to get a very good feel for whether a company is legit or not. 

3- Costs:  Many companies require a kit to join but you will also have other costs like a personal website, biz supplies, etc.  Be sure to ask about how much minimum in sales you will need to make to avoid cancellation.  Ask about monthly costs consultants have and if you have the freedom to look elsewhere besides company store for things like biz cards, etc to save money. 

4- Freedom:  Some companies have very tight reins on their consultants.  You want to be able to build your own personal brand who just happens to sell Scentsy.  Ask to see the companies rule book or policies and procedures and be sure to read it before you join to see how they allow you to market your business.  It is also worthy to note whether there are multiple avenues of selling, promoting your biz.  If a company only allows you to do Parties its setting you up for failure.  This also goes for online as some companies promote heavily on social media and online takes time to build and doesnt always have success right away.    Does the company restrict you to areas or allow you to sell country wide?  Its setting you up for failure if you live in a small town and you are expected to only sell to a 50 mile radius.    Check consultant websites they give you....are they quite modern and up to date?  Do they allow you to create an additional blog or means of promoting yourself on Google ? Important things to consider. 

5- Compensation Plan:  I mentioned this in my previous article too.  If you cannot find the compensation plan online for this company its a bad sign and steer clear.  Look if there's potential to earn money without recruiting a team as well.  

6- Support:  Does your company provide regular training calls, do they have a training centre, are trainings easily found on Youtube?  Do they provide training at events?  Is it ONLY other consultants that give training or do they bring in other professionals?  Are you listened to no matter what your title or current earning status?  Is there avenues of communication when you are struggling or have complaints?  Will you be able to feel valued no matter where you are in your journey in the company? 

7- What will MY commitment be?  I frequently see consultants joining companies without giving it much thought to how they will make it work.  Many think its just easy money and yes I'll sell to my friends and family and post a bit on my Facebook Page and everything will be fine!  The truth of the matter is that this is HARD WORK and most of the time people arent lucky enough to have the support of friends and family and you will be faced with a lot of rejection and no's that can be hard on your spirit!  Are you going to treat this like a legitimate business and put in the work no matter what or are you going to quit after a month?  It wont matter WHAT company you choose if your attitude is not in the right place as well! 

Whatever you decide to do make sure you've given it thought as otherwise you'll be out of the starter kit fee and feeling more frustrated and defeated before you've even begun!  You can succeed with Direct Sales but its really a matter of being very responsible and thinking things through before you join!

How to set up a Facebook page for your Scentsy business

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If you are a Scentsy Consultant you need to be where people are and Facebook is it.  It isn't the only place online you should be, but you must have a plan that includes it. 

A lot of consultants primarily promote their Scentsy businesses on their personal profiles which is risky and limiting.  It's against Facebook terms and conditions to do business on your personal page and Facebook has been removing people who do this.  It's quite risky to without a moments notice to lose all your hard work and contacts, so I wouldn't attempt it.  The benefits of having a biz page are that you can have unlimited fans where personal profiles have a limit of 5k.  Biz pages are searchable from Google which means new fans will be able to find you, personal pages aren't.  People will take you more serious with a biz page than just a personal profile.  Remember your goal with Scentsy is to constantly find new people and with personal pages this isn't possible---you would have to find them.  Some find new contacts elsewhere and then add to their friends list but you still are limiting yourself and creating more work.  Build relationships on your biz page and let that attract more fans.  If you want you can supplement this with a special customer group but you still have to provide value to this group in some way which means going above and beyond the typical sales posts. 

Picking a Title for your Page 

As long as Scentsy Independent Consultant is somewhere visible on the page it is within compliance to not have this in your FB title.  If your biz name is Gorgeous Home Scents or in my case Ldn wickless candles, do not use this title either.....use just your name and then category pick Business Person or Professional Services.   You need to remember that you are building your brand not Scentsy's.  Although you use Scentsy products for your biz, setting yourself apart is key and your customers will remember YOU not your biz title.  Using your name from the beginning begins relationship building which is the core of success with Scentsy.  People buy because they've made a connection with YOU, they join because of what they see in YOU.  It's also why you should never ever use a warmer for your profile pic or a pic of a cat or something else.  Always use a picture of YOU smiling for your profile.  Online little things like this help people to feel comfortable when trying to make connections and ultimately gaining a new lifelong customer. 

1) create a new page  

To create a new business page for your Scentsy business, you sign up via your personal profile and clicking http://Facebook.com/pages/create.php .  You will see an opportunity to click and choose a category which I've mentioned what you should choose already and why.  it should walk you through all the details needed.  Fill in everything completely, COMPLETELY.   In the description and about, avoid more than 1-2 lines of explaining what Scentsy is, the rest of it tell your Scentsy story and how you will help them.  Remember this isn't about you, it's about how you will bless their life.  Scentsy although it's warmers and wax at the core its friendships, self esteem, new experiences and the opportunity to feel better.  Even if they never join your Scentsy team and just buy from you, people at the core of their purchase want to feel better.  They want the nice smells to relax, to make their home more comfy, reduce stress or to remember scents from when they were a little kid.  If you can create a similar environment on your page (somewhere where people will feel better) it will not only provide connection and inspire but will transfer over to when they are ready to purchase their Scentsy or even join. 

2) Add profile picture and cover photo 

Ive talked about profile pictures already, the cover photo is the most important piece of real estate on your page.  I'd recommend going to Canva.com to easily create a beautiful one and they have templates that will automatically fit Facebook.  Your cover picture you must take care with as it should easily give an idea for what you do (Scentsy) but what you can do for others.  Posting a product image won't invite new relationships and in fact will turn people off.  Try to have a cover image that includes a picture of you somehow.  On my FB page I've done a collage of pics of Scentsy products, pics with Scentsy friends and pictures from incentive trips.  I've seen other cover pics offering something free (info and tips nothing product related) in their cover image and then in the call to action button you have available having a sign up for this.  Converting fans to customers on your FB page starts with your email list and providing free info with something that would help or bless others is the easiest way to get people to sign up.  You can send samples out too in exchange for email addresses but I wouldn't recommend doing this often because it costs you money and often attracts only those who want free things and not truly interested customers.   Once you feel comfy with how your cover image looks, upload it and then click on it.  You'll see an opportunity to add a description......fill this in with your story and how you will help them and then end with your free info opt in to get people to sign up and convert them to add to your mailing list.  

3) post something 

Theres a lot of concern amongst Scentsy consultants about how to get seen with your FB page....do the 80/20 rule and you won't have to worry (80% non Scentsy, 20% Scentsy).  I've posted a lot about this in previous presentations what kind of posts to do and I'd recommend you refer to my Scentsy Resourcespage and have a listen.  Treat your biz page as a place you want to make new friends and it will help greatly in deciding what to post.  Video at least for the moment posts straight to FB work very well and posting things that are already trending works too.  Have a mix and include pictures of your life and your kids.  Your page is an extended version of your Scentsy story in micro bits and pieces.  Don't talk at people, talk to them as equals and don't be afraid to sign your name at the end of posts.  Obviously you need to include the biz posts too but you will find that if you work primarily at using your page as a place of service and uplifting that this will transfer to converting more fans to customers.  How often do you post?  At least once a day if not 5+ times a day.  Remember quality over quantity though and no amount of posting will replace a well thought of post your fans can relate to. 

4) Invite your contacts and like your page 

 Now is the time to like your own page via your personal profile and then invite your customers to connect with you as well.  Include your FB links in all your customer newsletters and correspondence.  Be sure that when people start coming to your page to chat back to them which is critical to showing you care.  Answer their questions and tag people (start typing their name and a drop down box should come up) as this makes people truly feel like you care and is the beginning of a deeper relationship with your customers.  Posts do not like them yourself though as it looks a bit desperate to be honest. If you are looking for a chance to increase engagement, respond to customers questions and comments from your personal page. 

5) click around and get comfy

Theres tabs and links all over your new page you will find.  Click around and get comfy with what each one means for your page.  Particularly the insights tab will tell you what isn't and is working in your posts and what direction to go.  You can cater your posts and time of day when your fans are most on as FB insights tells you all of this and more.  So as a new page owner, I srongly recommend getting familiar with everything as its how you learn.  When I started Scentsy, I had no idea about social media and clicking around is how I learned at first. 

6) You will have to do ads  

facebook is no longer a 100% free platform and the other social media networks will likely follow.  It is cheaper and easier and better to advertise for new fans through Facebook than Google ads in my opinion.  So, get used to it and understand how ads work and study as much as you can because those who understand FB ads will be the ones to succeed in future with FB and online in general.  I'd recommend either boosting posts or doing like ads but please be sure to do the targeting sections.  You can tailor the ads in a pretty amazing way and even target your subscribers to your email newsletter (you can upload to FB) .  Just be careful and don't jump the gun for ads because you can lose a lot of money very quickly.  All ads should produce a tangible business result and if this doesn't happen it's not FB but you that's done someone wrong.  I cannot stress enough researching and learning as much as you can BEFORE you do an ad.  Why can't I do FB for free?  FB has to account for its shareholders and it's a business and it's no longer a place for 100% free advertising.  I mentioned previously that you shouldn't just focus on FB for your Scentsy business but other social media platforms that interest you (FB + one or two other platforms you enjoy).  Do not be surprised if the other platforms follow FB example though, but it's something to be expected with any business that eventually you will have to spend money on advertising. 

so hopefully after this article, you not only have set up your new Facebook page for your Scentsy business but have an introduction to how to succeed with it.  If you enjoyed this article, please be sure to share with your teams.