55 Instagram Post Ideas for your Scentsy Business

List of Instagram Ideas for your Scentsy Biz Page:

Instagram Post Ideas (4).png

Some of these ideas are from the 31 days of Awesome Instagram Challenge Scentsy did last year but the rest are my own ideas or things that have worked well for me in past. If you have other ideas let me know! 

Scentsy products:

1-    Diffuser Love

2-    Essential Oils with a inspirational quote card

3-    Scentsy on the Go (i.e. You using your Scentsy Go on holiday!)

4-    My favourite fragrance

5-    My favourite wax recipe/scent mixers

6-    What I’m warming today

7-    Warmer as home décor

8-    Party Scene

9-    Scentsy Buddy spotting

10-Housework with Scentsy

11-My favourite Scentsy product


13- Educate about Scentsy products/How to use, etc.

14-Limited Edition (buddies, scent of the season)

15-Stop Motion video/Make Art with your Scentsy /Creative photo based on a scent

16-Scentsy in the wild:  Scentsy being used naturally at home

17-Bundles (i.e. Scentsy for unicorn lovers)

18-Scent Memories

19-Changing wax in your warmer day

20-Use Scentsy to pamper myself day or to make myself feel better


Business owner:

21-    Delivery Day

22-    Flexibility of the job

23-    My favourite work location

24-    My Scentsy helper

25-    Worktime snacks

26-    My favourite thing about being a Scentsy consultant

27-    My Scentsy Why

28-    My Scentsy Family/Team/Scentsy Events

29-    My Scentsy Swag

30-My biggest supporter

31-Why I love Scentsy!

32- Milestones/Awards

33- Customer Love/Appreciation (i.e. wrapped orders)

34- Sales/Scentsy sponsored discounted events

35- Scentsy Office

36- Business Books you’re reading

37- What do you drink whilst you work? 

38- How do you manage your time as a business owner?

39- Share testimonials/positive feedback from customers/customer photos

40-Have someone take a photo of you working

41-Prepping scentsy biz supplies (like catalogues, etc)

42-Business Tips you’ve learned along the way


Fun/Dreams/Relationship Building:

43-    Friday Fun

44-    Weekending/Time with friends

45-    Selfies to say hello

46-    Photos of you living the life of your dreams

47-    Share something from your life that’s inspirational

48-    Throwback to a past moment in your Scentsy journey

49-    Past/Future Plans for Travel

50-    Pic of your town (i.e. London)

51-    Ask a Question

52-Flowers or beautiful scenery shots (Instagram Loves flowers, maybe add something inspirational with it in the caption)

53-Take a photo of your current situation #currently

54-Funny Memes (clean of course)

55-Inspirational Quotes


Bonus Ideas:

-       Post a photo of your dog

-       Scentsy recycling---have you used an old warmer for a flower pot or pen holder?


Generic Recommendation for Instagram:

-Take your own (style products yourself—get a white foam board from an art shop)

-Curating/Reposting other peoples stuff with Repost App (must give credit to where you found it, avoid using other consultants stuff but if you do ASK PERMISSION FROM THEM)

-Avoid having your page look like a Scentsy catalogue

-Work on photo quality.  There are MANY apps to help with this both free and paid

-Tag any products in your photo (can be done on Instagram and Facebook)

-Be colourful!  Instagram Loves Colour

-Connect your Facebook with your Instagram (post on Instagram and it posts automatic to your Facebook biz page, you can then connect your FB to automatically post to Twitter---1 post in Instagram will then automatically turn into 3)