7 Tips for Choosing a Direct Sales Company

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This is a follow up to the article I wrote 'How to Choose a Work from Home Job'.

Direct Sales is no longer door to door and something your grandma would do with her Tupperware and Avon parties---direct sales is a great opportunity for you to do to earn a side income or even replacing your full time job.  You can also earn free holidays and other perks just for getting involved with the right company!

Here are 10 tips for choosing the right Direct Sales Company:

1-Products and Passion:  You have to treat your new business like a proper job so if you do not like what you are doing or the products you will hate every minute and lose the motivation to continue.  The Products---are the consumable?  Consumable means that people will need to come back to you regularly for refills.  Things like pots and pans or lingerie?  Although they may buy initially once one buys these items how often would they be needing refills?  You want people to be coming back to you, because it will help your sales and your ability to improve your own life and easier to build long term relationships with customers!

2-Research:  I mentioned in my previous about the Direct Sales Association Global list of 100.  Check companies in the top 30 as they are generally doing the best globally and less likely to fold financially.  Once you find a company check this list for the previous 5-10 years to see how its moved up and down.  Research potential sponsors.  One of the most common mistakes new consultants make is either joining someone in the very top or joining their friends.  This can lead to disappointment for sure as you are the one in charge of your biz not your sponsor!  Often times high title consultants may not have personal one on one time to give you because the size of their teams.  I'd pick someone you find inspiring because it will help with motivation when you are struggling.  If you think you know how you want to market the products find someone who seems to be doing well in this arena like events, online, fundraising, etc.  But again in so many ways sponsors dont matter as you are in charge of your success not them!   Google the company before you join also---type in Your company + Reviews to see what people are saying about the product.  Click on the News tab in Google to see the press releases.  Online history you will be able to get a very good feel for whether a company is legit or not. 

3- Costs:  Many companies require a kit to join but you will also have other costs like a personal website, biz supplies, etc.  Be sure to ask about how much minimum in sales you will need to make to avoid cancellation.  Ask about monthly costs consultants have and if you have the freedom to look elsewhere besides company store for things like biz cards, etc to save money. 

4- Freedom:  Some companies have very tight reins on their consultants.  You want to be able to build your own personal brand who just happens to sell Scentsy.  Ask to see the companies rule book or policies and procedures and be sure to read it before you join to see how they allow you to market your business.  It is also worthy to note whether there are multiple avenues of selling, promoting your biz.  If a company only allows you to do Parties its setting you up for failure.  This also goes for online as some companies promote heavily on social media and online takes time to build and doesnt always have success right away.    Does the company restrict you to areas or allow you to sell country wide?  Its setting you up for failure if you live in a small town and you are expected to only sell to a 50 mile radius.    Check consultant websites they give you....are they quite modern and up to date?  Do they allow you to create an additional blog or means of promoting yourself on Google ? Important things to consider. 

5- Compensation Plan:  I mentioned this in my previous article too.  If you cannot find the compensation plan online for this company its a bad sign and steer clear.  Look if there's potential to earn money without recruiting a team as well.  

6- Support:  Does your company provide regular training calls, do they have a training centre, are trainings easily found on Youtube?  Do they provide training at events?  Is it ONLY other consultants that give training or do they bring in other professionals?  Are you listened to no matter what your title or current earning status?  Is there avenues of communication when you are struggling or have complaints?  Will you be able to feel valued no matter where you are in your journey in the company? 

7- What will MY commitment be?  I frequently see consultants joining companies without giving it much thought to how they will make it work.  Many think its just easy money and yes I'll sell to my friends and family and post a bit on my Facebook Page and everything will be fine!  The truth of the matter is that this is HARD WORK and most of the time people arent lucky enough to have the support of friends and family and you will be faced with a lot of rejection and no's that can be hard on your spirit!  Are you going to treat this like a legitimate business and put in the work no matter what or are you going to quit after a month?  It wont matter WHAT company you choose if your attitude is not in the right place as well! 

Whatever you decide to do make sure you've given it thought as otherwise you'll be out of the starter kit fee and feeling more frustrated and defeated before you've even begun!  You can succeed with Direct Sales but its really a matter of being very responsible and thinking things through before you join!