Happy Birthday Scentsy Bar

A ‘candy-licious’ confection of sparkling sugar, fluffy whipped cream, and warm vanilla extract.





Happy Birthday Scentsy Bar: We all have had them...those birthday cakes.  Did you have any that were shaped as cartoon characters or did your parents just do a traditional birthday cake?  I'm a fan of chocolate cake that's for certain with lots of chocolate frosting and no regrets afterwards of course. ;)

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Use only one cube at a time in your warmer.  Bars last 60-80 hrs each depending on various factors like room size, etc.  The wax will never dissipate, only the smell.  When your finished pour it back into your Scentsy bar container or let it harden and pop out before throwing away.  Wax is biodegradable.

Would you like a recipe for a Happy Birthday cake?





More Tips for a great Scentsy Experience:

1- Replace wax once fragrance from your Happy Birthday Scentsy Bar has faded.  Remember, Scentsy wax does not evaporate.

2- Change fragrances frequently to avoid anosmia.  Rotating between seven or more fragrances is recommended.

3- Save wax that is still fragrant by pouring it back into the original container.  Saved wax can be reused until fragrance has faded.

4- Wipe any residual wax from your Scentsy warmer dish and you are ready for a fresh fragrance.

5- Pour off old wax that has begun to lose its fragrance and start fresh.  Do not add a cube to a spent fragrance.

6- Use mulitple cubes to increase the intensity of a fragrance and/or permeate a larger area.  Note:  this will not increase the time the fragrance lasts.

7- Store wax in a cool, dry place.  If you're going to keep it more than a year, try freezing it.

8- Create your own fragrances by combining Scentsy Fragrances.