do you:

-Love Gorgeous Scent?

-Want to improve your life and help others do the same? 

-Can you be consistent and follow directions?

If the answer is YES then you may be what we are looking for!   Christine is currently working with a very small group of people who are committed to building a business from their home.

Christine Jolley
Starter Kit varies. 

Starter Kit varies. 

What you get with your purchase of your Scentsy starter kit:

-A variety of products including a Scentsy warmer, some Scentsy bars, scent testers, catalogues, order forms and everything to get you started. 

-On the Job Training:  contact with me weekly for the first 90 days, a dedicated team page on Facebook, help from Scentsy direct via weekly training calls, a training centre and a dedicated All consultant Facebook group.

-Community:  Together we succeed.  There's no assigned areas and we help and support each other to do well with this. 



-You give up too easy or make excuses.  Please no kit-nappers. 

-You are enrolled in multiple direct sales companies.  There's only a finite number of hours in the day and its hard enough doing ONE company and multiple companies is setting yourself up for failure.

-You are uncomfortable talking to new people.   You cannot depend on your friends and family for all of your orders.  You will have to talk to new people and get out of your comfort zone.  Starting a new biz is hard work.

-If you're not prepared to consistently put in efforts.   Even if you are doing this part time it will take consistent efforts. 

-You are in this for easy money or think that I will be the source of your success.  I am a mentor, a guide but I cant control your success only you can.  You could have the best sponsor in Scentsy but unless you do the work it will not happen for you.  

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