Struggling? Something for your Heart.

Are you struggling and having a hard time?  I've got some words of encouragement for you. 

Life is naturally full of struggles and challenges but getting through these sometimes can be difficult.  I've had my own share of struggles that haven't been easy but you learn and you do better and you keep picking yourself up.   Some of the wisdom I've gained through these experiences I want to pass on to you and help make things a little bit easier.

1)  Its OK to feel your feelings:  We may think we shouldn't be feeling what we should be feeling.  Why am I depressed?  I should be Happy!  Feelings can be overwhelming but I want to say that its ok.  Its ok to feel not great.  We aren't meant to feel completely happy all the time.   Embracing these feelings are the first start to getting through this.  If you dont work through it, those emotions get buried in and it can make things a lot worse long term.

2) Do Healthy things to feel better:  There's a lot of unhealthy things out there to numb your feelings like drugs, alcohol, TV.  Obviously that will make things a lot worse so doing healthy things to make you feel better will help nourish your spirit.  Some of the things that I do for my heart is I try to meditate twice a day, Exercise helps an awful lot, chamomile tea is my favourite and I love going to the local park that's near by and being in nature. 

3)  You arent your thoughts:  Your head will lie to you.  Always remember this and it will change your life.  Start Changing the beliefs about yourself at your core.  A lot of problems in life come because we feel that we arent enough.  You cant just throw all this external stuff and self help books at your life and expect to change overnight.  You will have to start loving yourself, telling yourself every single day that you are worth it and that you are enough.  I do this whilst running and its great to do whilst you're beating the pavement, listening to your favourite girl power music.  With mantras you may not believe them at first but eventually if you tell yourself long enough that you are kick ass you will KNOW that you are kick ass...because you are!

4)  Cultivate a heart of gratitude:  Its impossible to feelhorrible at the same time that you are feeling grateful.  In the video and in the comments below I've mentioned an exercise that Tony Robbins teaches that uses this and will help you feel better in less than 10 minutes.   If you're having a hard time with the gratitude think of things that you are holding on to, resentments and anger or guilt from the past and let these go.  When we scrub our spirits down and get rid of the things that dont serve us we open our heart to so much joy.  Whatever you focus on will increase so make sure its the good stuff!

Be gentle with yourself guys and know that you are worth it!

Christine x