Enjoy the Moment

Some happy thoughts for y'all. :) #liveYourBestLife

Posted by Christine Jolley on Friday, February 5, 2016

Life is too short to not enjoy the moment.  I think people are constantly rushing around, constantly looking at their devices and its draining.  You end up just barely getting through the day and wondering where the week went and then those weeks turn into months, then years.  You then live a life full of should of, could of and lots of regrets.   People are trying to cram MORE into their days when what we should be doing is less.   When you create space that's where inspiration has room to flood into your life, you can be in the present moment and where there's so much more joy.   At the end of your life do you want to look back and say you lived a joyful life or would you rather work 80 hrs a week to earn money but never have any time to enjoy your hard work? 

How can you listen to your gut and what the universe may have in store for you if you're too busy to listen?  Its a bit cliche but really stop and smell the roses.  Love yourself enough to slow down and to embrace every moment.  Focus on the good in your life and that will increase.  Trust that when you do all you can on your end and when you then let Go and let God/The Universe do the rest....The universe will rise up to meet you!!!