First 10k Run in 6 years.

Vitality 10k

We finished our first 10k in 6 years at the end of May 2017 (Vitality 10k).  We used to be quite active runners and finished the London Marathon in 2011 but then my partner James got very sick and its taken us six years to climb out of a very big hole.  I've lost over 30lbs and counting within the last year and have been running quite a bit.  I'm signed up for a half marathon around the Royal Parks this autumn and this 10k was a bit of a training run for it.  James and I had a personal best for time on the day and James managed to raise almost £600 for the brain trauma injury Headway.  Its quite an accomplishment he was able to run with me as in January 2017 he had a brain aneurysm and nearly died.  Doctors told him that if we had got to the hospital 30 minutes later his outcome would have been very different.  He had to have emergency brain surgery and it was a very risky procedure as the brain hemorrhage he had was near the stem of his brain.  The doctor said there was 70% chance that he wouldn't make it through the surgery.  Most people don't return to work even in the first 6 months of a brain aneurysm, but James has returned to work and not only that was back running in 2 months.  Really can testify to the power of prayer for sure---that and healthy eating and working very hard on your spirits and working slowly on your physical fitness.  So it was a glorious day and felt good to get another medal under my belt after so long and to do this with James as we have been so lucky to have him here after everything he's been through. 

Anything is possible no matter what struggles you've had and we both are a testament to that and especially James.  Getting strong again on the outside helps our inside us and vice versa.  When you start feeling better everything starts lining up in every possible way. 

Want to start documenting more of our health journey and story with you.  Scentsy is a tool to feel better by adding gorgeous fragrance to your home....I want to share with you guys how I'm feeling better in my whole life and hopefully inspire you.  So keep a watch out for future posts for sure!

Christine x