How to Live Your Best Life


I started the hashtag #LiveYourBestLife with many of my posts because I wanted to do something beyond just slinging wax.  I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to make this Scentsy site different to all the other bazillions of consultants you will come across and not just write about Scentsy.  I feel like people buy Scentsy to feel better anyway so why not extend that into making people feel better in every avenue of their life.  I'm not perfect with this so if you're thinking that I've suddenly found the holy grail of happiness you'll be disappointed.  I'm in a journey of my own to feel better and to do better and live better so I'm just going to share what I learn along the way with my own joys and struggles.   If you want the Scentsy and direct sales or training stuff you can go to Scentsy News and read there.

I've had a think about some of the ways that I've seen/read and what makes me happy. 

1- Focus on the gratitude:  Oprah says all the time whatever you focus on increases and I know this to be true.  Its so easy to get overwhelmed with what's going wrong in our lives but if you focus on what's going right you'll notice a huge shift in your life.  Its hard to explain how this works but I challenge you to start a gratitude journal for just 2 weeks and see what difference it makes in your overall well being.

2-Meditation:  Find time to do this every day.  It teaches your brain and your spirit how to be more mindful and present.

3-Do something that scares you everyday:  Book a trip to a place you've never been, go kayaking, take a dance class, go to a networking event.  Usually things on the other side of fear are our biggest blessings and will push us and help us become the people we are meant to be.

4- Take Care of your Body:   How well you treat your physical body affects your abilities and mood and spirit greatly.  Eat good food, Exercise, floss, do things that keep you moving!

5-Forgive yourself and Forgive Others:  Let go of past resentments, make amends to those that you have done harm to.  Stop beating yourself up for things that have passed.  Stop beating yourself up in general and refer to step 1 as we believe what we constantly tell ourselves.

6- Service:    Its impossible to not have a life of joy when you focus on serving others.  Find ways to serve especially if you are a business.  Dont just focus on the sales, focus on making a better world for people.  Most people think that they cant make a difference but you can.  Share your story with others and use it to lift and help someone.  We are here to help each other. 

7-Do something you love every day:   If this can be your job then great if not then do something small for yourself that makes you giddy with joy.  For me its photography on my Instagram:  @cmjolley but I also love the theatre, art galleries and museums.  Life is too short for you to not do things that make you happy.

8-Believe in yourself:   One thing that I can tell you from experience is that a lot of problems come when you doubt your abilities and think that you are not enough.  Change this and you will make great strides in changing your life.   You can change it by mantras every day telling yourself that you are worth it and eventually your subconscious will start believing it.

9- Surround yourself with good people:  Do not listen to the naysayers or those who doubt you.  I did too much of this in my life I really did.  I believed people who told me that I would never succeed at Scentsy and other consultants who told me that they were better than me.  Trust your own voice and only keep those around you that tell you to aim high and who root for you and your success and who consistently root for your success. 

10- Be mindful of your money:  If you are a Scentsy Consultant reinvest your money back into your business.  Have a 6 month emergency supply for bills.  Keep good books, pay your taxes.  Write a list of priorities.  Be mindful of what you are spending things on, Find ways to reduce your bills.

12- Dont compare yourself to others:  This is one I've struggled badly with especially in my Scentsy Journey but if I can attest nothing will hold you back more when you start looking at y our journey and thinking you are less than because of their successes.  Keep your eyes on your own road and you will find your own voice too.  Its a distraction to keep looking at what others are doing. 

So do you think I've missed anything?  Let me know in the comments below.