Patch the Dog

Patch is a great watchdog and an even better friend! And he’s always ready to play! On sunny afternoons, he loves to run through the forest, using his powerful nose to track down his friends in an exciting game of hide-and-seek. When he can’t find anyone to play with him, sometimes he’ll even chase his own tail!

After a long day of playing with his friends, Patch is ready to cuddle up by the fire and snooze, so hold him tight when you need a nap. When you wake up, he’s sure to be ready to play once again!

Whenever Patch needs a playmate, he looks for his younger brother, Baby Patch! The two of them spend hours chasing each other through the forest!

Patch the Dog is 14 cm wide, 24 cm tall when seated, and 39 cm tall from head to toe. He comes alive with fragrance when you place a Scent Pak in the zippered pocket in his back.