Penny the Pig

Penny the Pig  

Neat and tidy, Penny never has a hair out of place—even her tail is a perfect curlicue! Find a special place for Penny to call home and she'll clean it up in no time.

Penny loves to laugh, but can be a bit self-conscious. She can't help but blush when she lets out a snort! Tell Penny all your jokes, but be sure to laugh along with her—it might even help to throw in an oink now and then!

When Penny needs help tidying up, she asks her little sister, Baby Penny, to help out! Together, they can clean a room in a flash!

Penny the Pig is 14 cm wide, 24 cm tall when seated, and 39 cm tall from head to toe. She comes alive with fragrance when you place a Scent Pak in the zippered pocket in her back.

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