Scentsy is now alive and doing very very well in Australia.  They've had the biggest launch in history and people are succeeding very very quickly there.  People have been promoting to Director in just a few months which usually takes most people years to achieve.  What does this mean?  It means blessings for those who've joined and for their families.  Financial blessings of course but the opportunity of friendship, increased confidence and the world being their oyster. 

>Request an info pack for joining Scentsy in Australia<

If you double click you can view it bigger.  This is how you get paid with Scentsy!


1) Click the Green Button Above

2) On the left hand side there's a drop down box, choose Australia and then follow the directions.

3)  If you have any questions or have any problems please contact me

4)  You need to apply for an ABN number (Australian Business Number) before you can join.  For more information on getting one, read here. 



How much does it cost to join?


The Scentsy Fragrance starter pack will look a little bit like to the right.....the products will vary a bit but for sure you will get business supplies like catalogues, your Scentsy website free for the first 3 months and scent testers....the warmers and any other goodies...will depend on season and stock.  After the first 3 months your PWS (scentsy website) will have a monthly fee which I can tell you about more once you get in touch.

How much will I get paid?

Scentsy pay is commission based and is the exact same around the world and will start at 20% until you reach 1000 PRV (I can explain this when you contact me) you will permanently be on 25% unless you build a team and then the opportunities for income depend on helping your team members succeed.  

Why should I join Scentsy?

My 2nd Scentsy Incentive Trip all expenses paid to Greece!

Everyone has their why's whether it be extra income or whatever....why I joined Scentsy will be different to you.  The most important thing is deciding what you want for your life and how Scentsy may or may not fit into the goals for that.

Why Should I join Scentsy under You when you are halfway across the world?

I've been with Scentsy since 2011 so I'm more experienced that most consultants you will come across.  Experience matters with Scentsy as I can give different ideas and ways to help you succeed that a non experienced consultant would not have dealt with this kind of scenario.

With the internet and cheap phone rates its pretty easy to keep in contact.  You DONT need to have someone close by to you to join Scentsy.  Most Scentsy Consultants sponsor internationally so seeing how I help you will give you the best idea how to help YOUR global team when you join.  To be honest you'd probably end up getting MORE help from me than my local team as I would go above and beyond to help you succeed.  I already have an international team and have sponsored Australian consultants (Most of Australia actually were sponsored by UK consultants).  You would still have the local support and training from your Australian colleagues but would have the best of both worlds---an experienced consultant with local support which you cant ask for anything better!

Bonuses of joining the Scentsy Family:

Free Incentive Trips, opportunities for an amazing time and chance to build friendships at Convention every year.  Its far more than wax!!!  #MoreThanWax

The Neon Party at Scentsy Leadership this year in Cancun Mexico was absolutely amazing. It ended with a huge downpour of rain where we were all running screaming.

 with one of the owners of Scentsy, Heidi Thompson on a private boat on my 4th Incentive Trip

with one of the owners of Scentsy, Heidi Thompson on a private boat on my 4th Incentive Trip


Scentsy is an electric warmer.  There's no tea lights involved and you plug them in, add 1-2 cubes of wax and then the wax will melt and scent your home.  Its a safer, healthier alternative to Scented Candles.  There's no risk of fire hazard or black sooted walls with Scentsy and Scentsy lasts longer than regular jar candles.  Our Wax is gently warmed (they aren't BURNERS!!) so even if little fingers stick hands in the wax or pets knock the wax over they wont get burned.  Because our wax is temperature controlled we can hold a lot more scent.  The wax never dissipates but the scent goes so you can continue to reuse and reuse the wax (no need to add water) and then throw it away when you are done.


Contact Me and I'll put you in touch with a local consultant who can sell you your Scentsy.  The best option is to just join as a Scentsy Consultant yourself so you can get as much Scentsy as you'd like and not have the hassle of trying to find a consultant to buy from.  As a new Consultant in Australia you qualify for hostess rewards, so there's no need to ever have to pay for Scentsy full price.  What does the hostess rewards look like?  How much do you have to sell to get your Scentsy goodies for freebies or 1/2 off?  Check the Catalogue below and the hostess rewards chart for Australia/New Zealand is on page 48. 

Q:  Where will the Scentsy Products be shipped from?

A:  Sydney

Q:  How long does the Scentsy wax last?

A:  60-80 hrs depending on the room and the scent, each cube about 6-8 hrs.  The wax never dissipates, its just the scent so you can reuse and reuse (pour back into container if you want to change a flavour).  Be sure to change the flavours over every few days to keep your nose fresh---You may think that you can't smell your Scentsy anymore, but its your nose getting immune....Changing the wax often helps this. 


Current Scentsy Catalogue Australia:

Australia/New Zealand 2015 Autumn/Winter Catalogue