Q:  Can I Microwave my Scentsy Buddy?

A:  No, do not microwave your Scentsy Buddy or Scent Pak.  They will release scent without heat.  click here for more info and faq about Scentsy Buddies

Q:  What's with the £9 shipping charge for Scentsy?

A:  I do not set the rate but this never goes up so even if you order quite a bit of Scentsy you wont be charged extra for a heavy package.  For smaller orders this proves quite expensive for bar top ups.  If you want to save money, buy more than 6 bars at a time or contact me to reorder so you can save on the shipping.   Warmers are actually a lot heavier than you think too, a warmer and 6 bars is easily over 2kg.  All orders over £150 or 175 Euros are free for shipping plus if you contact me we can arrange freebies for this too as you've hit the hostess minimum.

Q:  I live overseas but want to buy Scentsy for a relative in the UK, can I do this?

A:  Yes but in the billing address section for post code they need to put the senders post code and then for the 2nd address line you can squeeze in your post code in there.  Its just so the system accepts the order because in order to ship in the UK it only seems to register UK postcodes.  The same applies for instance if you have a UK family member who wants to send some Scentsy to someone in the US.  I cant sell you for the USA but get in touch with me as I have Scentsy team members in the US and then in the billing address you'd put the USA recipients post code in there instead of yours and  your UK postal code in the 2nd line of the billing address given.  You must pay with either Visa or Mastercard but it will work.  If it doesnt work get in touch and we will do an alternative.

Q:  I live in Norway, can I order Scentsy?

A:  Yes, we are allowed to sell EU wide as Scentsy consultants but there are only a few countries where Scentsy ships direct to.  If you are outside of one of the countries listed (see countries tab above) you will have to pay for me to ship orders via the regular mail which will be more expensive but if you really want your Scentsy it is of course worth it. 

Q:  How long do the Scentsy Bars last?

A:  60-80 hrs each pack, 6-8 hrs each cube.  Do not use more than 2 cubes at a time as it wastes money.  Do not add water to your wax.  Change often (you can pour back into container) so that you do not get immune to the scents.  You may wonder why you cant smell your Scentsy anymore and then when friends come over they say wow what a gorgeous smelling house.  This is because you are becoming immune to the scents and especially if you are a candle addict it is very important to change over the scents frequently to keep your nose fresh.

Q:  What are Scentsy Bars made of?

A:  Food grade wax, the same kind of wax used to make apples shiny.  Less than .01% petroleum based which makes it different than most jar candles on the market.   There is a mix of synthetic and natural oils in the scents which are made in France.  Why not use essential oils?  You'd be surprised they often are the ones that inflame allergies the most and environmentally it is not realistic or very sustainable to use all natural oils. 

Q:  How are Scentsy Warmers made?

A:  The generic mold is mass produced but then the details of each warmer must be added on individually by hand.  Watch this video for more information.

Q:  What benefits do you get for hosting a party?

A:  Here's some more information on hosting a Scentsy Party



Q:  What requirements are there to be a Scentsy Consultant?

A:  You must sell 150 PRV (slightly more than 1=1 for sales amount) in one month every 3 months.  So March and April you didnt get anything in, May you would need an order or your account would be cancelled.

Q:  Do I need to join someone local to me?

A:  No, location does not matter one bit, nor does title with Scentsy.  Scentsy is a global business and with technology the way it is today keeping in touch is not an issue unless you make it out to be one.   Most of Australia is sponsored by US and UK consultants and getting used to this actually will help you with your own business as you sponsor internationally yourself.


Q:  What if I don't know many people?

A:  You don't have to know people to start your Scentsy business.  You can do events, attend networking meetings, approach businesses.  You can also give business cards to the cashiers at the petrol station, grocery store, post office, etc.  As long as you try to talk to 1 new person a day about Scentsy, you will be fine.

Q:  Is Scentsy a Scam?

Scentsy is a member of the same organisation that the well known company Avon is, the Direct Sales Association.  Scentsy is currently ranked number 33 in this global association and has also been mentioned in the prestigious magazine the inc500 as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States which would not have happened if they were not a legitimate company.   Scentsy compensation does not work unless you work too and help others succeed.  When I initially was considering joining, I searched through google and could not find a single thing written bad about Scentsy.  I would encourage if you are questioning whether Scentsy is a scam to research it on the internet for yourself.