One of the Core Values of Scentsy is Generosity.  We have always been encouraged as consultants to give more than we take.  Its something that I have tried to do in my business since I joined in 2011 and want to do more of in future.  People don't realise their little purchases can add up into making a big difference.  Even besides purchases, little things in our days like saying thank you, smiling at strangers or letting someone go ahead of you in traffic can have a huge impact on someones day.  Those random acts of kindness can ripple onwards when you least expect it.  It really is true that You can make a difference and don't need to be a celebrity or a millionaire or politician to do it. 

How to Get Involved

1) Every catalogue Scentsy does either a charity warmer or Scentsy Buddy where the proceeds go to the Organisation involved.  Scentsy donates the money direct usually in the form of a cheque.  Below you can watch some of my favourite videos of when they've done that.  The Current Cause Products are the  'Love Heals Scentsy Warmer and Sebastian the Super Buddy and the proceeds will be going to CLIC Sargent Cancer Support.   


Scentsy Inspiration 

2) Shop my Charity Links.  When you start adding things to your cart you'll have the option to shop via a 'Party Link'.  There is NO extra charge for shopping via this link, in fact you wont notice any difference at all.  Keep an eye out for when I do these links as it wont be all the time.  

3) Set up your own Scentsy Fundraiser.   If you have a friend who has cancer,  a family in your community who are having a hard time, a school music or dance programme or your local church who needs the money get in touch.  If you are local I can be a bit more full on with proper fundraising packs and everything or I can do a Facebook Party or set up a charity link for you on my website.   Local fundraisers will get 20%, whilst non local 25% as I have to cover admin costs but it is still a lot more generous that chocolate or card sales.  You have the potential to earn £7.80 for every warmer sold (20% of £39) and this adds up quickly!  So Get in Touch on what you'd like to do.  *Please note I do not donate products to any raffles or auctions anymore.