As of 10 March 2015 Scentsy is officially open in New Zealand.  You have the incredible opportunity New Zealanders to be a part of a ground floor opportunity and become one of the first Scentsy Consultants in New Zealand.  I was the 17th person to join Scentsy in the U.K. so I know how it feels and the frustrations and joys you will have with this business.  Australia had the biggest launch in history and New Zealand is sure to follow.  I've included as much information as possible about getting involved with Scentsy.  Its no different than any other country where you can either host a party, purchase products or become a consultant.  


how to become a Scentsy consultant in new Zealand:

1) Click the Green Button Above

2) On the left hand side you'll see a drop down box----click on that and pick New Zealand

3) Follow the Instructions to join, if you have any questions Contact Me



Scentsy Compensation Plan New Zealand

Q:  Do you need to be good at sales to do Scentsy?

A:  I used to be a music teacher when I started Scentsy, the furthest thing from sales.  If you have a passion and never give up you will succeed with this.

Q:  Do you need to pick a sponsor that lives close to you?

A:  Nope, distance doesnt matter with a sponsor.  You could have a sponsor that's 5 minutes away and still not get the support you need.   Scentsy is a global business and you should aim to recruit internationally if you can, so getting used to not having team members nearby will help you better for growing your own team!

Q:  How much will I get paid?

Scentsy UK and Global Compensation Plan

A:  Of course the life change-y thing is nice, but what about the dough??  I hear ya!!   There is a commission table to the right that you can see how to move up the ranks.  Basically its a two step process---Sales and Recruits but mostly recruits.  The more recruits you get, the better than you do.  You start out at 20% as a Scentsy consultant in New Zealand and then after 1k in sales move up to Certified Scentsy Consultant.  You stay on 25% unless you get 500 in sales per month plus your team does a certain number each month which you can see from the Scentsy compensation plan.

Q:  How will you support me?

A:   You'll have the best of both worlds----an experienced sponsor as your team leader plus I'll connect you with people locally.  You'll have access to team trainings, Scentsy training, newsletters, etc.  You are responsible for your own success but I'm here to help you every step of the way as much as I can.


Q:  What does the Starter Pack look like?

Scentsy New Zealand Starter Pack

A:  Here's a look at what your Scentsy Starter Kit looks like in New Zealand and as you can see its $169 to join.  Why do we charge to join Scentsy and is it a scam because we charge?  No it weeds out the people who dont want to work.  Scentsy is regulated just like every other Direct Selling Association member.  If its not a member of the DSA, its likely a scam or hasnt been around long enough to do very well!  I'd refer to the DSA global list of 100 when you are picking a work at home job for sure as its common for these companies to be very popular at first and then go bankrupt a year later!  Pick a company that's been around as long as Scentsy to ensure that you are taken care of!

What's Included in the Starter Pack?

A:  You will get a kit of over 80 testers, a warmer, one Scentsy bar, Catalogues and then the rest of the contents usually varies depending on stocks at the time.

Join Scentsy New Zealand
Scentsy New Zealand


Scentsy is an electric warmer.  There's no tea lights involved and you plug them in, add 1-2 cubes of wax and then the wax will melt and scent your home.  Its a safer, healthier alternative to Scented Candles.  There's no risk of fire hazard or black sooted walls with Scentsy and Scentsy lasts longer than regular jar candles.  Our Wax is gently warmed (they aren't BURNERS!!) so even if little fingers stick hands in the wax or pets knock the wax over they wont get burned.  Because our wax is temperature controlled we can hold a lot more scent.  The wax never dissipates but the scent goes so you can continue to reuse and reuse the wax (no need to add water) and then throw it away when you are done.


Contact Me and I'll put you in touch with a local consultant who can sell you your Scentsy.  The best option is to just join as a Scentsy Consultant yourself so you can get as much Scentsy as you'd like and not have the hassle of trying to find a consultant to buy from.  As a new Consultant in New Zealand you qualify for hostess rewards, so there's no need to ever have to pay for Scentsy full price.  What does the hostess rewards look like?  How much do you have to sell to get your Scentsy goodies for freebies or 1/2 off?  Check the Catalogue below and the hostess rewards chart for Australia/New Zealand is on page 48. 

Q:  Where will the Scentsy Products be shipped from?

A:  Sydney

Q:  How long does the Scentsy wax last?

A:  60-80 hrs depending on the room and the scent, each cube about 6-8 hrs.  The wax never dissipates, its just the scent so you can reuse and reuse (pour back into container if you want to change a flavour).  Be sure to change the flavours over every few days to keep your nose fresh---You may think that you can't smell your Scentsy anymore, but its your nose getting immune....Changing the wax often helps this.