Scratch the Cat

Whenever the Buddies get hungry and need a snack, Scratch is always there to whip up yummy treats in the kitchen. Chocolate-chip cookies are her specialty, but forget store-bought mixes or microwave ovens! This food-loving feline always uses her own ingredients to make things from “scratch!”

Scratch loves to cook and the Buddies love to eat—it’s a delightful and delicious combination! Next time you want to make something yummy, bring Scratch along—she’s the cuddliest culinary cat around.

When Scratch needs an extra paw or two in the kitchen, she calls on her little sister, Baby Scratch. Baby Scratch is always ready to help measure, stir, and, of course, taste new recipes!

Scratch the Catis 14 cm wide, 24 cm tall when seated, and 39 cm tall from head to toe. She comes alive with fragrance when you place a Scent Pak in the zippered pocket in her back.  Suitable for all ages.