If you havent heard of Scentsy yet, it started over 10 yrs ago by Heidi and Orville Thompson in a sheep container in Meridian Idaho.  They have had unprecedented growth in a very short time and there are well over 100k consultants in the USA alone.  Scentsy in 2011 expanded to Europe and then on to Australia and New Zealand...but the home base will ALWAYS be the USA.  Its an American Idea and proof that the American Dream still is alive and well.

A bit about me:

Scentsy USA

I have been with Scentsy in the UK since 2011 but I'm actually an AMERICAN living in London since 2001.  I am originally from Utah but lived in Washington State for my later years in high school and college before I moved over here.   I am a trained musician and used to be a music teacher before I lost my job over here in the economy and didnt know what to do.  One of my friends that I grew up with in Utah mentioned the Scentsy opportunity to me and I decided to take the leap and do it as I was pretty lost with what to do.  It hasnt been an easy road but the experiences I've had and the growth I've made as a person has been absolutely incredible.  The opportunity to be able to serve others is really what Scentsy is all about.  The paychecks are nice of course but they are only the icing of the cake to who you become in this business.

My sponsor happens to be one of the founding Scentsy consultants in the USA.  With both us you'd have plenty of support for your new business.   I havent been one of those consultants who have promoted in record speed.  Speed isnt necessarily a great indicator of how great a leader someone will be.  I have been through heck and back and what you need is someone who can inspire you to work through any obstacles that you have and to have the resilience to keep going.  Success with Scentsy isnt a race its a marathon.  Sometimes its the people who have got the most bruises and bumps along the way are the best people to learn from.


How would you support me if you live in the UK and I'm in the US?

Scentsy is a global company and consultants are encouraged to sponsor internationally.  Its a good idea to learn from someone who has experience with this which I do.  With the internet the way it is with Facebook, Skype at a touch of a button and even cheap international phone rates its very easy to keep in touch with people.   Help is available for you but you have to want it too.  I have sponsored people in the USA.

Scentsy is Saturated in the US, How will I succeed?

This is a common question and concern I've heard from the team members I have had in the US.   The official statistics for saturation is 10% of the population at with the current level of consultants as it is at 100k-200k and the current population of the US (2014) being 318 million people you can see this isnt the case.  With Scentsy there's no areas so I'd recommend that you think globally and work online and be creative.   If you have the determination to make it work and REALLY want your goals to happen, you'll find a way.  What happens sometimes is that consultants ask their friends and family who might say no and then give up.  Scentsy is a new business and will take just as much hard work as any new place that opens. 

What perks do you get as a consultant?

Well in the USA they usually have a killer Convention every year with private concerts by some of the top artists today.  They've had Train, Kelly Clarkson,  Sarah Bareilles, Jim Gaffigan (comedian) and One Republic amongst others.   Many times the convention has been in Las Vegas or some other big arena/city to be able to hold 20k consultants. 

There is opportunity to travel for free twice a year with Scentsy incentive trips---This next year the USA is going to an all expenses paid trip to Disneyworld Florida.  As a Consultant I've been on a Mediterranean Cruise, Greece, Cancun and Tenerife so far!  Scentsy pay for EVERYTHING and you are really spoiled rotten so its a fantastic opportunity that many other companies dont offer.

This doesnt include the opportunity to make new friends, build your confidence and leadership skills.  Its far more than wax that's for sure and the commission you get every month in your paycheck for your family is just icing on top of the cake!